Shipping In Bulk: What You Need to Know

If you are a business looking to ship your goods to a distant location, you no longer have the difficulty to find shipping companies to do it for you since there are so many logistics companies that give you a number of options and services to choose from.

If there is any difficulty in today’s world, it would be that there are too many to choose from. As a result, you might be a bit confused as to what you should really consider when sending out your goods through freight. Here are just some of the things that you should consider.

Weightage or No. of Items

The first thing that you should consider is the number of items or the weight of the items you are planning on sending out. This can be either to your wholesale or retail distributors, regardless it is important that you keep count of this metric so that you can keep track of the stock that you have sent out.

Moreover, this is also important to consider for shipment purposes as the shipping companies charge according to weight or number of goods and distance of the destination. If it is domestic freight or interstate freight, it would not be that expensive. However, international freight would normally be expensive due to the distance.

Value of the Items

The other thing that should be considered when you are shipping goods to distributors is the value of these items. Now this is something that should be noted in order to clear it through customs. The higher the value of the items, the higher the customs charge for it.

In order to make sure that the customs rates are low, you have to make sure that you declare the values of the goods clearly to the customs. If not, customs agents would guess the value and could charge a high value to the goods.

Special Requirements for Transportation

Depending on the business you are doing, there will be goods that may require special requirements when transporting them. The reason for this is due to the fact that the goods may be fragile or may need special packaging to prevent any sort of damage on them. As a result, it is best to understand what type of packaging is best for your goods. This way, you do not have to rely on the shipping company for protection always.


Then there is the cost of shipping itself. Considering all the mentioned elements, you have to make sure that you are paying the right cost for shipping. In many cases, shipping companies may overcharge you for your shipment depending on many factors. However, if you make sure that you stick to the elements mentioned above, the cost should be as minimal as possible. In other words, you would not be paying more than what should be paid.

Overall, as a business selling goods, if you make sure you follow these elements, your business will be booming in no time as overheads and logistical cost will be low.

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