Pro tips to increase the effectiveness of Lion’s mane

Maintaining the good health of both the body and the mind in the world following the global COVID-19 pandemic is quite a hard task. But the regular use of essential supplements, especially Lion’s mane, is one of the best methods to fulfill that. You’re already ahead of the curve if you’ve chosen a supplement. But in this read, we’re going to educate you on how to increase the effectiveness.

Know the ideal types of foods that work the best

This almost goes without saying; liquids tend to have the best effect on acting as a carrying agent, and thus, such liquid and semi-solid food are definitely going to boost the effectiveness of the extract easily.

Ensure to time the intake ideally

Knowing when to take any sort of a rejuvenating essential supplement is going to be a fundamental method to increase the effectiveness. As a matter of fact, the morning is probably the best time to start consuming. Since it’s better to consume around three times a day, you should allow each portion to be adsorbed and absorbed well into the body before taking the next intake. This is why it’s much better to mix the extract for major meals.

Ensure the quality of the product

The reason why the same type of food product has different prices at different places is due to the quality of the raw materials used. Since Lion’s mane is an organic product, the quality of the mushroom and the production quality as a whole must be at a very high level at all costs. Hence, in order to boost the effectiveness of the supplement within the same dosage, you should make sure that they’re of the best quality.

Since it’s impractical to track back the source of the mushroom, it’s much easier to go with a reputed and reliable supplement company; Eternum Labs Lions Mane is probably one of the best examples for that. This way, you’d be reassured of the quality of the products that allow the supplements to work the body and mind in the way it is supposed to.

Prioritize the extract over capsules

The mechanism of the capsules is such that the outer shell disintegrates down in the digestive tract following the absorption into the bloodstream. The use of extract is in the form of both adsorption and absorption. Adsorption is a process where materials enter the body across a surface in the form of a thin film.

When the absorption rate is generally uniform, adsorption has an incremental behavior until it reaches an equilibrium. By the time the equilibrium is reached, all the extract has completely gone into the body more than capsules. Thus, choosing the extract is a technical way of increasing efficiency.

Consume simultaneously with complementary supplements

If you didn’t know NAD is probably the most complimentary supplement that increases the effectiveness of Lion’s mane, while there are many other options to choose from. Thus, if you’re an adult who’s looking to fix your aging issues and all the age-related matters, this intermixing is definitely going to be worth it.

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