What you should do following residential water damage

Water is the prime signal of life; water is what space scientists are looking at in the extraterrestrial area. But just as important as water is, it also can be quite destructive.

If you happened to end up with any kind of flood damage, a massive leakage that left your floor grounds soaking, or whatever the reason it was, fixing the issues as soon as possible should be your priority.

So, what should you do?

Try to stop the ongoing source

The first and foremost thing to do is seeing the leakage has completely stopped or not. The best way to do this is by paying attention to the change of water levels or possible ripples. But this won’t be possible if the subfloor was covered with carpets. On an occasion like this, you should attend to all the typical water outlets of the premises and see if there’s a visible leak. While you do that, be sure to check the pipes as well.

Avoid damaging surfaces to remove water

It’s natural to feel the need to remove as much as water possible at the first sight of it. But in doing so, you might end up damaging the floors. Especially if it was carpeted, done by hardwood, or even tiled. When it comes to the situation of carpets, the situation is much more serious since you just might end up voiding the warranty.

Keep the pets and food as far away as possible

The water should be contaminated as least as possible. If your floor is made up of carpets, it would be much better to keep all the food and pets away for as long as possible. This is to ensure that the pores of the carpet are not contaminated with any sort of unnecessary materials even for a short while.

Call a professional agency

There are things that we should do on our own and then there are things that are better done by professionals; recovering from water damages is one such example where you should always acquire professional assistance. Since there are companies that are specifically dedicated to restoring residential water damage, it will be more or less an investment to get it over with. These professionals would have all the right equipment, experienced person, and even aftercare products that would leave your house as if there was no damage from the water, to begin with. You can always check their website to confirm their capabilities.

But what if it is a flood?

In the case of a flood, the complications are high, and immediate attention is required. Moreover, you should specifically ask if the company is capable of dealing with just not any water damage, but water damage done due to a flood. This is due to the number of bacteria included in the flood water that requires not only thorough cleaning but also disinfecting.

Consider fine restoration of water outlets of the house

Once everything is completed, you might want to consider renovating your water outlets or replacing them entirely if that was the cause. Because not only do they end up ruining your floors, but it’ll also happen again if you don’t take the necessary precautions this time.

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