Basic Guide to Web Hosting

All the content that make up your website needs to be stored somewhere and you need certain software, hardware and network facilities to keep your website up and running on the web. These services are provided by a web hosting service. There are different hosting types you can go for depending on the storage requirements you have and the security you need for your data.

You need to check the web hosting services provided by Ventraip Australia  so that you are aware of which plan to go for when considering the needs of your website. There are generally three basic types of hosting that will be offered to you. The cheapest option is shared hosting and this is where your website and websites of a few others will be hosted on a single server. So all of these websites will be sharing the same resources of memory, web server software and storage space. But there is a drawback in this type if there is a website that has a lot of traffic. Then this site will take in the majority of the shared resources affecting the performance of other sites and slowing them down. And if one site is attacked by malware, it can make the rest of the websites vulnerable to attack as well. This type of web hosting is recommended for personal blogs, non-business sites or personal websites.

You will be able to get your own dedicated server when you choose the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Some of the hardware resources will be shared but you will not be at increased risk for crashes or security breaches due to other websites. This hosting type is more expensive than shared hosting. There is cloud based VPS hosting which allows the sites to use joint resources of several computers. This way, the sites will not be putting a strain on a single computer and depending on the traffic to the sites, the storage capacity, bandwidth and computing power can be scaled. VPS hosting is a great option for many business websites.

With dedicated hosting, you will have exclusive access to the web server hardware. Your site will be able to run faster as no other websites will be sharing the hardware resources. Your website performance will not be affected by other sites. This is the most expensive option when it comes to web hosting types. You will need to have expert staff to manage the server. Or if you are having the web hosting service manage it, there is an additional fee involved. It’s not possible to scale it easily the way cloud based VPS hosting does. You will need to physically upgrade the storage of the server. The size of your business as well as the resources you have should be considered when selecting a web hosting provider. Also, the expansion and future requirements of your business should determine which plan you are going for. You need to ensure that whichever option you choose, the visitors to the site get a good experience. The technical support offered by the hosting service is a key consideration as well.

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