How To Teach Children About the Calendar?

If your life is out of control, it is time to take back control of it. A few small steps can go a long way. Make sure to have the discipline about “me” time. Spend “me” time despite your busy schedule. If you do not, it can take a toll on your health and well-being. Know how to organize, too. Start by using a calendar every day. Using a calendar every day can help you stay on track.

Once you are used to it, teach your children about it. A calendar can help them manage their schedules later on. Not only that, it can come in handy in learning how to be productive and responsible. If you do not know how to teach children about the calendar, the following things can help you get rolling.

Find Ideas Online

Nearly everything you need to know about can be found online. That is the beauty of living in a digital time wherein technological advancements are popular. All you have to do is prepare your computer or smart phone and internet connection and you are ready to go. Find ideas online about kids’ calendar and you will be surprised with the great deal of information you will be able to read.

Print Out

Print out all the activity sheets of kids calendar you will discover online. It includes the days, weeks, and months of a particular year. Split it into four lessons or whatever is more comfortable for you. Teach them that each square represents one day. Also, that a group of seven days is called a week, and so on and so forth.


Practice every day. Be persistent in teaching your children about the calendar and you will see the progress in the long run. Know that it is okay to make mistakes from time to time so do not give up if they fail on the first few weeks. Exercise their writing skills, too. Start by writing the important dates in their life, such as their birthdays and playdates.

Start Building Their Vocabulary

Generally, children who are below seven years old can’t completely understand the concept of time. However, start building their vocabulary of days, weeks, and months as early as possible. You can use rhymes or songs to implant the words for days, weeks, and months. Do it regularly.

Use White Boards

If you can’t print out activity sheets of kids planner online, use white boards. They are a fun way to play word games with your children. Allow them to participate by mixing up the letters to create anagrams.

Take Advantage of Flash Cards

Take advantage of flash cards when teaching your children about the calendar. They will keep them interested in learning as they come in colourfulcolours and prints. Flash cards are affordable and you can find them in nearly any bookstore you go to.

There are many free videos about kids’ calendar that you can check out online. They will help you teach your children about the calendar like clockwork.

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