Four Trendy Dressing Styles For 2021

It’s common for many of us to reach a point where we rethink our fashion sense. Sometimes we doubt if our fashion sense is up-to-date. Besides, it’s also easy to get drawn or overlook what is on trend or what suits oneself the best. 

Like they say, not all dressing styles are for everyone. This is because, a dressing style can only come into life by how comfortable someone feels in carrying it, no matter how trending it maybe. With the New Year kick starting, we have 4 trending dressing styles that may help you choose one that best suits your interest and comfort. 

Artsy fashion style

This is a style that tops the list because of its enhanced creativity in blending with this generation. This is more of a dressing style that makes a style statement of one’s personality. Going in hand with how designer brands look, the idea of this style is to create something that stands out from the traditional dressing styles. 

The core of this style involves bold and bright colours, exaggerated prints, and boo designs patterns. This style may pair up some unusual or weirdly shaped clothes. As artsy is a style of creativity alone, most of these styles are handcrafted or can be homemade using any piece of fabric you have in hand- all it takes is a creative sense of thinking. 

Bohemian fashion style

This is an old or hippie style that has taken over the trends. It’s also best to say that this style is very comfortable as it focuses on free-flowing fabrics and baggy fits. The style also mostly uses handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. 

Bold and exotic prints, maxis and bell-bottom pants are some common ways to bring out a Boho style. The best about this style is its relaxed nature that you can see in almost all the outfits of this style. 

Chic fashion style

Two words to describe this style, in short, is elegance and class. The word chic on its own became a representation of elegance and style for anything, even a house. Talking about elegance in specific this style avoids vibrant colours and mostly involves nude colours or just black and white. Besides, the pure elegance of this style is brought out by not overdoing anything but keeping it minimal as possible.

Focusing on the class element of this style, it’s the ability to make something look lavishing with minimal effort or combinations. So, this means the hairstyle or accessories you pair up with this style should also go by the word “Minimal”. Modern ad sleek accessories with red lipstick are the best combination that goes by the word “Chic style”. 

Casual fashion style

This is another trending style that centres on the working crowd and so is sometimes known as the “Business casuals”. Depending on how you play around with it, this is more like a style that you can wear pretty much anywhere without failing to impress. Men wearing a blazer with matching pants with a formal shirt and maybe a tie, or a woman wearing a skirt with a tunic or a blouse with a matching jacket all go with this casual fashion style.  

While one of these styles may suit or best grab your attention, it’s important to remember that styling it up with the right accessories, hairstyle and makeup are equally important to bring out the whole dressing style together. 

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