Are You Having A Hard Time Cooking Healthy for Your Kiddies?

Are you a mum or dad that’s trying all you can to feed your kiddies the right nutrients but have a hard time? Perhaps some tips and tricks are all you need to give your kids healthy and fun meals.

Option 1: Adding superfoods into meals

You could sneakily add in tiny carrots, onions and tomatoes as they bring in flavour and are also good for the kids.

Here are some food options you could add them with, spaghetti or pasta with red sauce- you could purchase the pastas in rainbow colours or different shapes and fun sizes so that your kids will enjoy it further. The red sauce is what the veggies would go in but the kids won’t even know!

Option 2: building salad bowls with your kids

Kids love activity, you could trick your kids into eating salads by asking them to colourfully add in the veggies into a bowl or jar. The prettiness of the jar or bowl will help your kid find it fascinating enough to eat.

Yes, we understand the tricks, but it is for your child’s benefit and this trick has been going on for ages!

If you are having a hard time picking certain vegetables that you want your kids to have try getting vegetable boxes. It may be easier for you to have it all packed in one and customized to your preference.

Option 3: playing with fruits

You could make delicious fruit smoothies for your children, adding in berries would give the smoothie a red or purple effect and your kids would love it due to the colour. You can add in your choice of healthy fruits or veggies to go with it.

Greens and berries in one, would give the smoothie a green-coloured look – it may not be as tasty as the berry smoothie without the greens but you could surely add taste to it!

Option 4: Baking

Baking is super fun and also is such a great way to get your kids brain stimulus running early, whilst they engage in little activity you could feed them their food then or, bake healthy oats and fruit cookies, almond and peanut cookies as an option- and have them eat it after the baking session!

You got to be creative parents, the process is tough but if done right with these tips and tricks will allow you to also engage and have fun with your kids in the meantime. You could also bake healthy pizza options and breads.

Option 5: soups

You could add in a lot of veggies in soups, make them full of flavour and nutrients. The warm, flavourful taste the soup would bring would go straight down your kids bellies without a shout.

If your kiddo doesn’t like soup, you could always try the other options available.

Mums and dads its super important to start feeding your kids healthy foods young, yes you can treat them sometimes but build on the habits now. They will thank you!

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