Fun Ways to Use Colourful Packaging Tape

From how it is called, packaging tapes are used for packages and packing. We are used to seeing it in its dull and dreary brown colour and it might be a surprise for some to know that these packaging tapes now come in various colours. With this innovation, there have been numerous fun ways to use these packaging tapes, and packing is now easier and more vibrant.

For colour coding

Moving could be stressful and it’s a lot of work, from packing to unpacking. There have been instances before when we could not find anything even if we are sure that we packed everything. To avoid this nightmare especially when you could not unpack all the boxes at one go, make sure that you use these colourful packaging tapes for colour coding so you would not open the wrong boxes.

Designate one colour for each, yellow for kitchen supplies, red for toiletries, blue for bedroom, etc. In this way, you would not need to open the yellow boxes when you are looking for your shampoo and conditioner to take a bath in your new place.

For shipping

Imagine you have a business selling various products. Shipping them out could be a total nightmare if you are not organized. Fortunately, with the coloured tapes, shipping and delivery could be easier and faster because the tape would make product identification easier. A colour could designate that the product must be shipped out immediately because it is an urgent order, or the colour could indicate to which courier service or locality the product would be shipped.

When you purchase these multi-coloured tapes, you also have to consider functionality and adhesiveness because first and foremost, they should serve their purpose, and that is to secure your packages. For efficient and brightly coloured packing tape Australia manufactures one of the best in the market.

For inventory

Similar to its use and benefit for shipping, using multi-coloured tapes for inventory makes it easier to identify products, especially the products that are small and are usually in a box. With just one look, it is easier to see which of the products, supplies or materials need replenishing. The need to read the labels or to check the boxes one by one is eliminated because the coloured tape signifies what’s inside the box.

For markings

Coloured tapes could also be used for markings especially in places or spots that are off limits or hazardous to wander in. Red is usually a colour associated to danger because of its brightness and it is easy to spot. If there is a place in your shop or your business that is off limits to people who are not allowed to just venture in, use red coloured tapes to ward off unwanted guests.

Of course, not to forget but these vibrant tapes could also be used for arts and crafts! They could be considered as the washi tapes bigger cousins that could be used for larger arts and crafts and to make them sturdier.

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