Is There Significance and Symbolism in Jewellery?

Jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. It usually is worn as a fashion statement or an accessory that ties and completes an outfit. Whether a statement necklace or a simple bracelet; women like wearing something that compliments their outfit.

There are various reasons women choose to wear jewellery while sometimes it is purely for fashion, it can be for due to significant and symbolic value as well. Therefore, here are a few reasons why jewellery is significant and symbolic to women.

Sentimental value

The term sentimental can mean many things to each woman. However sentimental jewellery means something that contains value that is not only in the piece of jewellery. Wedding bands, gifts from significant others or family, family heirlooms are some of the examples of sentimental jewellery.

Price too plays apart in the term sentiment; the value of a piece of jewellery can appreciate, as it is passes down the generations. Although time and price contribute to the value, sentiment is anything that you cherish for a particular reason and therefore does not depend only on factors such as price, size and time. 

Religious and good will

In many cultures and religions jewellery holds a great deal of value. Intricately designed jewellery that hold significance and symbolism or are blessed with good will for those who wear it. In India the wide variety of cultures are so diverse but they all have jewellery that are traditional to that culture. Similarly, jewellery pieces such as the Jerusalem cross is well known for its significance for Christians and Catholics. Made out of precious metals and stones it is considered blessed and valuable pieces of jewellery to own.

Healing stone jewellery

You might be aware of how healing stones have started trending for its healing or calming properties. Although the actual powers of the stones are not confirmed it does have certain characteristics that give out the calm and peaceful vibe.

These stones are converted into pendants, stones on rings or bracelets. It is seven chakras stones that include precious to semi-precious stones that are known to have different properties. This is also extremely common for how aesthetically pleasing they look due to the different colours and markings of the stone.

Metals with meaning

Just like the jewellery made of the precious stones, metals made to create jewellery have meaning and significance too. Gold is a known precious metal that is one of the most valuable forms of metal but there are other metals that hold value too. For people and cultures that strongly believe in Spiritual alchemy metals such as copper, lead and sliver possess strong ties with spiritual connections. Copper is considered to be a metal that brings youthfulness, feminine beauty and charisma. Sliver governed by the moon that portrays self-reflection, focus and subtle strength.

Regardless of the accuracy for the above significance in jewellery, they are ago old traditions are still incorporated in day-to-day life and hold importance in our lives.

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