Why Is Playing Important for A Child?

Let us assume a scenario; you are an adult who played football after a span of years. Now, even though your muscle cramps are giving you a hard time moving around, there is a great magnitude of delight in you.

Hence, that is because you laughed and played after such a long time. Likewise, any sort of playing or sports activity brings out the best in you. It is because it challenges you physically to give your best and mentally prepares you for the outcomes.

Now, think for a minute. Even after growing old, you realize the importance of being physically active; how essential it is for kids to play when they are growing up.

How Does Playing Help A Child?

  • Playing helps to improve the physical strength of a child, as well as- the social and emotional health of the child. 
  • Playing can directly impact the growth and development of a child.
  • It also allows kids to develop critical thinking ability that would help them win a game.
  • Children tend to use their creativity to find out effective solutions. Hence, children who play are more creative and innovative than those who do not play.
  • Furthermore, a sport can also improvise and support brain development.
  • Also, play encourages kids to engage and communicate with others. Thus, gaining more confidence and communication skills.

There are certain games and sports we allow our infants to play. For instance, it could be the slider in the school park or playing with play dough at home. Hence, either of these results in improving a child’s behaviour. 

For example, a job seeker would often face employers who demand experience as well as expertise in the field. Likewise, it is the same with the kids; with academic studies, they also need extra activities. Hence, that is why a preschool also has an inbuilt play area. It not only gives them a fun time but also build their fundamental skills.

In this case, let us look into the benefits of allowing the children to play with moulding dough. 

What Are the Benefits of Playing with Playdough?

Improve motor skills

The activity of moulding and forming shapes improve a child’s motor skills. Thus, for writing, an individual should have good control of their finger muscle. In the early school life of kids, they use such activities that build their finger muscles. 

Learn the language

It is easier to learn when it is in practice than just from the book. Similarly, a lump of clay can be used to teach your kids new words and their meaning. 

Necessary words such as roll, flatten, pull, press, and squeeze are a few words that a kid will pick up at first. Later on, they can learn the shapes and object names they create- for example- round, rectangle, and much more.

Expands imaginations

It is challenging to create something from scratch. Moreover, as kids, they will use their creativity and ideas to form and mould the dough into fine art. The children explore their imagination and learn to visualize their ideas and concepts. 

However, the advantages of playing are in plenty.

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