Advantages of Road Safety Barriers

Highways and roads should be built and made in such a way as to ensure and warrant the safe, reliable, easy and efficient transport of persons and various types of materials or goods. It is always suggested and expected that drivers should travel at maximum speed that are suitable to traffic conditions in order to reach their ultimate destination in a sensible way. Still, car crashes and collisions are prevalent unwanted occurrences. Each year, the number of car fatalities and accidents in Australia has been increasing.

There are many factors why car crashes happen, such as:

  • Driver’s driving actions or mistake
  • Driving above speed limits
  • Driver’s mental condition 
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Mechanical breakdown of the car
  • Tough climate conditions like snow, rain, wind, etc.

When motorists lose hold of their vehicles, there is a significant risk of accidents and impacts with other vehicles or things near the road. Highways and roads therefore need to be built and engineered with road safety obstacles. Road safety barriers are defined as vehicle safety systems specially intended to protect vehicles on the highways to save many lives and to provide maintenance free of charge for at least 30-50 years. There are many benefits to road safety obstacles. Here are a few of them.

Increased Protection on the Highways

Road safety constraints are specifically engineered to enhance the level of security on highways by safeguarding drivers and vehicles in the event of a crash. Generally, on the highways, road safety obstacles are located in the middle of the road and are very successful in curbing the vehicle from entering the opposite driveway. Direct crashes are prevented in this way. Sometimes road safety obstacles are installed on one roadside to prevent uncontrolled vehicles from getting off the highway and plunging into roadside things such as poles, road signs and trees. They also help with customised traffic management.

Less Maintenance Needed

Only relatively low maintenance is needed for road safety hurdles compared to other road safety features such as electrical safety signals. Road safety obstacles are intended to last for at least 30 years with lowest possible cost of maintenance. They are long-lasting and able to withstand high damaging effects Reports indicate that only minimal repair work is needed over the years.

Reduced Congestion and Traffic Jams

By lowering the number of traffic accidents, road safety obstacles also have a favourable effect on traffic jams – less car crashes are equivalent to less traffic jams. As noted above, road safety barricades could be used over a prolonged period of time (minimum of 30 years) with lowest possible cost of maintenance.

That being said, other road safety measures need to be repaired or upgraded very frequently, which could be time-consuming, since this can lead to tremendous delays and traffic jams on the highways. With traffic safety barriers there are no such restrictions and specifications, which ensures that drivers can schedule their road trips without thinking about future road works that can hinder their journey.

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