What Are the Common Stressors at Work? And How to Manage Them?

All employees have experienced work-related stress, even those who love their job and are receiving the best salary and benefits. All jobs are stressful. Handling them depends on the employee and the employer and when the stress continues, it’s more damaging with the employees’ physical, emotional and mental health. In the end, the employer and the company would also suffer since the employees are not in their optimal shape.

The first thing that the employees and the employer could do to manage stress is to first know what are the common stressors at work because by knowing them, handling them would come easy.

Unreasonable Workloads

If you are an employer, you have to remember that your employees are also human. They got tired and they have a limit when it comes to the workloads they could only accept and do daily. Sure, setting goals and deadlines are recommended but you need not treat your employees as machines just so the goals and deadlines are met. If you are an employee, making sure that the workload assigned to you is not preposterous, you must be aware of your job description so if the work designated to you is not part of your description anymore, say no.

Inadequate Salary

One of the common stressors at work that affects employees is inadequate salary. Sure, it’s difficult or even impossible to find an employee who would say they are satisfied with what they are receiving. Almost all employees would say their salaries are inadequate and is not comparable to the amount of work and hours they are putting. As an employer, you must have an adequate way to check whether it is time for your employees to receive a raise and how much they should get to ensure that your employees would not be stressed when it comes to the inadequacy of their salaries.

MeagreSupport from The Company

Employees are the backbone of every company. They are one of the resources that every company should invest in. If the employees feel they are not taken care of and appreciated, they leave. Sure, they could be replaced but it would cost the company time and money to replace them since training need to be conducted also. To make sure that your employees don’t leave you, make sure they are not stressed. How could you ensure they are not stressed? By launching programs and initiatives that help with stress management for employees.

No Room for Growth

Employees who feel they are in a rut or stuck in a dead-end job perform poorly when it comes to their responsibilities. Making sure they have room for growth or a chance to be promoted would help them look forward to something. And if they have something to be excited about, they are less stressed and more hyped up with doing their job.

Determining what causes you stress at work may not be easy especially if and when you are not ready to admit that work is affecting your daily life. It is not easy to separate your personal and work life but admitting that you are stressed and that you need help is more beneficial for your mental and physical health.

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