5 Reasons to Choose a Raw Diet for Your Cat

Cats are essentially geared to eating an exclusive diet of meat. They actually do not need to eat carbohydrates or vegetables. The best diet for a cat has to consist of high proteins and this is only found in animal products.

1.      It Is the Closest to A Natural Diet of a Cat

The natural diet of a cat includes rodents, insects, birds, fish and even other small mammals. Instinctively, they will eat food that is high in moisture and raw as opposed to cooked food that you might offer. A natural raw diet will ensure a better intake of vitamins and minerals that are required for a healthy cat. Cooking often destroys a part of the vitamins and minerals in their food.

2.      A Raw Diet Is Safer for Your Feline Pets

Cats are naturally built to process raw meat, poultry and fish. Their intestinal tracts are shorter than a human and therefore food passes quite safely through a cat’s digestive system. When the food is prepared in a clean environment using sanitized utensils it will not have any bad effects on your feline pets. The extra care that is taken when preparing a raw diet will be good for you and the cat and keep the household clean and free of unwanted pathogens.

3.      Keeping Your Cat Healthy and Comfortable

A cat that eats raw cat food obtains more proteins and vitamins from their food. This makes them healthier and gives them a shinier coat. A cat fed on this type of diet will never become obese or prone to sickness. In addition, their teeth will be cleaner and their jaws stronger due to the action of tearing the meat.

These health benefits far outweigh any other concerns in making your cat healthy and comfortable. The only time a raw diet might not be suitable for your cat is when it is sick. At this time, you can give cooked food and return to the raw diet once the cat is back to its normal healthy state.

4.      Convenience Of Being Able to Buy Frozen or Freeze Dried Raw Food

There are many options available in the market that will help you out if you do not have the time to prepare the raw diet. These options are far superior in quality than kibble and easy to use. Your veterinarian will be able to help in the choice of commercially available options.

The freezing and freeze drying will ensure that your cat’s raw diet is pathogen free. However, it is advisable to handle these foods carefully under sanitized conditions using gloves to minimize problems both for the cat and your household.

5.      Gives Extra Nutrition Combined with Variety

A raw food diet is clearly a fun option for your cat. It allows for different textures and tastes for the cat. Cats are fond of playing with their food before eating and will be happy with the variety in their diet. Feeding your cat can be a fun time for you and the cat. There are many dehydrated treats widely available in the market ideally suited for your cat which are nutritious and convenient.