Myths about Construction

Construction is an extremely fascinating industry, with so many different aspects to it, from the labor to the equipment to the processes, a single person could spend their entire life learning about construction and manufacturing and not even scratch the surface. The field is so large however and is portrayed in such a way in the media that many myths have formed about it. In this article, we are here to dispel those myths.

Myth 1- Construction is a boring job. This is a point that I vehemently disagree with. As we pointed out earlier, construction is a very deep and complex field. You have to learn how to manage people, how to use brute strength, how to develop a vision for a land or a piece of machinery, as well as being able to tell the difference between equipment. For example, in the industry, you will likely come across the eyelet bolt. One of the most important pieces of equipment used to hoist, pull, and fasten. You need to know why this is better than other forms of fastening like nails, what kind of equipment it is used with, and what it’s used for. If you require an eyelet bolt do check out eyelet bolt.  They have great equipment that has been made to last.

Myth 2- Construction isn’t safe. Well, this one may have been true a few decades ago when personal safety wasn’t really cared for all that much. But not anymore! There are tests that any site needs to go through to remain in operation. Regulatory bodies like OSHA govern these standards. There are different qualifications that one has to earn, and training programs that you need to attend before even thinking of setting foot on site. Is it may be less safe than a desk job? Probably not. Being sat at a desk all day can give you back problems and RSI (speaking from experience here) and it is probably really bad for your physical health. At least in physical jobs like construction and manufacturing you get to move around a lot and keep fit.

Myth 3- Construction workers don’t make any money. This has got to be one of the worst myths around. Construction in fact pays very well. It has been reported that construction workers get paid around $65000 on average per year, and this doesn’t include overtime. This means that if you factor in overtime, opportunities for career advancement and life experience, you will find that construction is a fantastic field to get into.

Myth 4- Construction workers are dumb. This one isn’t true at all either. There are some very smart workers out there who use their wits to become educated and learn how to plan out projects. This requires not only a ton of vision and drive but intellect too. Even if you consider the ordinary construction worker, you will find that they are truly some of the most aware people. Because you have to be careful in the construction yard so that you don’t get injured.

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