Driving Sins that You Need to Stop Committing

Road rules are fairly easy to understand and are pretty common sense, but it’s only when you start driving that you realize that common sense is not that common after all. We’ve been in enough near miss accidents to know that people are often oblivious to the world around them, and if not for the police, would drive around everywhere like absolute maniacs. Do we blame these people? Yes and no, we understand that driving is a lot of fun, we understand that taking a corner wide, and cutting the line to get the best angle is a little fun. But road rules exist for a reason, and if you get into an accident because you were flouting a rule, then you have no one but yourself to blame. That said let’s look into a few driving sins that you might be committing.

Sin No.1- Braking too late. People who do this are troglodytes. Tell me what kind of benefit do they gain by testing out their brakes by waiting till the last possible moment to brake? This behavior not only scares everyone else on the road but also the other occupants of the vehicle. Braking too suddenly, too hard, too frequently can lead to brake pad damage. There is no way around a damaged brake pad except for a direct replacement and this should be handled only by the experts. Visit brake pads replacement for a professional brake pad replacement.

Sin No.2- Making unnecessary wide turns. If you’re making a seriously wide turn and taking your car onto the lane with oncoming traffic because you want to hit the “Apex” of your turn, I’ve got news for you, this isn’t F1, you’re not Lewis Hamilton, and no one’s going to give you a gold medal when you get to the grocery store. Cut it out please. By making wide turns, you are putting both yourself and any oncoming traffic that you can’t see at risk of injury. This is not the ideal situation. If you want to overtake, wait until the turn is done, then do it.

Sin No.3- Parking like a buffoon. This is something that seems so common sense on the surface that you would be surprised by how many people don’t seem to care about it. But don’t park in two spaces. If you take up two spaces by having your car encroach the adjacent parking spot, then I’m sorry to say this but you’re a troglodyte, and no one likes you. It takes literally 10 seconds to fix your terrible parking job. Please just do it.

Sin No.4- Driving slow in the fast lane. This is something that absolutely boils my blood. In commonwealth countries, the fast lane is on the right and should only be used for overtaking. It is shocking to see how many people think that it’s okay to cruise at a steady 40 kmph on the fast lane, as if it’s completely normal. News flash it’s not, and everyone hates you, you’re a liability on the road because going that slow is basically inviting an accident to happen.

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