Kitchen Pantry Storage Tips for Your Kitchen

Have you ever wondered why you cannot have that perfect kitchen you see in your favourite magazine or Instagram feed? This is because sometimes when it comes to kitchen storage, there are some special tricks you can follow.

So, having just your pantry cupboards installed will not do. It too even inside the pantry, there needs to be perfect organisation. Take a look at the tips blow to see how you can keep your pantry neat and worthy of an Instagram photo.

Coordinated Containers

A perfect storage space is where there is consistent and coordinated look. So if you are getting jars, bottles or boxes to store your items inside the pantry, make sure you get matching canisters. This perfectly streamlined structure can give your kitchen a well-planned and well-thought appearance.

Organise Your Spices

One of the careless mistakes we do with our spices is putting them everywhere after breaking the packets. Chances are, there are a few couple of bottles of the same spice lying somewhere in the kitchen. Instead of this messy method, get some matching spice containers. Get one bottle for one spice so you don’t have you worry about several extra packets or expired packets strewn across the kitchen counters.

Storing the Cans

While we might think that cans are easier to store, too much of them can be a disaster to stack up because when never know when they will lose their balance. Instead of just piling one over the other like a display pyramid in the supermarket, get some             wire baskets. These will allow you to store your cans horizontally without rolling away or taking too much space.

Get Storage Baskets

Storage baskets can make everything easier to store around the kitchen. Whether it is extra snacks, vegetables, or extra towels, pantry storage baskets will help to store them without clutter and maximize your space. Baskets also come in various different styles and designs. You can have plastic baskets, wicker basket or even cloth baskets depending on what you want to store in them.

Storage Bins

No matter how much we try to separate and label our pantry items there are ones that simply cannot be put in the boxes or are hard to put in boxes. Baking mixes, and other odd ingredients that are either too large for containers or need to be put in bags all the time are some of these. You can get kitchen bins for these items. Keep them in the original bag you bought them in and stock the bags neatly in a bin.

Store Like Items Together

Although this goes without saying, we all make this mistake when we are in a hurry. Make sure to put all the like items to gather in order to ensure the perfect organization of the shelves and cupboards. All snacks in one place, all your old canisters in another or keeping all tinned items together will make it easier for you to retrieve them without making a mess.

It is not the outside look only that should matter but also how your storage spaces look from inside. Make sure to follow these tips and you will have the most perfect kitchen.

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