Modern Cigarette Alternatives

Smoking is more than a bad habit; it is actually deeply embedded in one’s system that quitting it is almost near impossible; to put it simply it is very hard to quit and alter the behaviour of the smoker. Many of those who did managed to quit were able to do it with full effort and a rock-solid conviction to cease the habit, the reasons are most likely very varied, but most common strong motivator for one to quit smoking is the health reasons.

The reason to quit must be strong enough that it can deliberately alter the smoker’s pattern of behaviour. The process of quitting is actually very painful for the smoker, and it is not an easy feat. For many who braved the process of quitting, almost all of them encountered the painful stage of physiological withdrawal; this is the process wherein the body has almost included the chemical in its daily functions that without it the body cannot function properly, even if it normally can.

Withdrawal can cause severe pain on many parts of the body; milder symptoms of withdrawal may also include migraine and sometimes diarrhoea.  That is why some people opt for lesser risk alternatives rather than quit altogether.

Here is some modern alternative for Cigarettes:


For those who are severely affected by the physiological and psychological pangs of withdrawal, many opt to user nicotine patches. These patches are actually bombarding the body with certain amounts of nicotine without the hazards of actually lighting and smoking a cigarette stick. These Patches aid in the slow organized process of quitting the habit. While the person will still crave for a stick, the patch relieves the intense craving that the person experiences.


The mechanisms for Snus are like that of a chewing gum, the person chews it but doesn’t have to spit it out afterwards. There really aren’t any significant differences between snus and pouches. Snus actually helps the person decrease their smoking habits by offering a less harmful method of tobacco intake.

With smoking being lit and puffed, it offers more hazard to the smoker because of this process with fire and other chemicals, while with Snus a personal can actually just chew it, no combustion is involved in the process that it why it is less harmful thus it makes it healthier as an alternative for smoking cigarette.


Another trending alternative for smoking is a vape. The term is a derivative of the word vapour. The whole process of a vape is that a vape gadget is fuelled by a fluid they called juice, this fluid is actually vaporized and the vapour becomes the alternative for smoke. Vape also has a status quo among its users. It is known to be used by rich people who want to quit smoking, but cannot commit into quitting the habit. The idea is that it has fewer ignitions and the person actually inhales vapour rather than smoke.

Everything considered, if one set of behaviour is already disruptive to one’s health and normal function, one must find all methods to alter the behaviour.

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