What are Gourmet Salts and How Should You Use It?

Using the right flavours in whatever you cook can truly bring up the quality of your meals. While salt is one of the basic ingredients in many meals we cook, have you ever tried to use something other than everyday table salt?

Gourmet salt is something that is slightly different from table salt, but can make your meals taste truly extraordinary. Gourmet salts differ from normal salts in their texture, flavour as well as the colour. Take a look below to find out what are gourmet salts and how can you use them around the kitchen.

Himalayan Pink Salt

These are unprocessed and unrefined raw minerals found in the caves of the Himalayan range. This is one of the most famous types that are available in the market. It is being recommended not only by chefs but also by wellness experts as well. Its popularity is due to being the purest types of salt out there. Its flavour can go with any dish – ranging from vegetable and meat to cocktails.

Smoked Sea Salts

Looking for the kind of a gourmet salt in Australia that can help you to prepare a perfect campfire meal? Smoked sea salts are made by smoking high quality sea salts over fragrant wood. Once produced the smoked sea salts can be used as a seasoning to many kinds of meals including stews, pastas, salads, soups or even caramel desserts. One of its unique uses is the ability to use them for grilled or oven roasted food.

Flake Salt

These are light, thin crystalline salts. Flake sea salt are made by evaporating sea salt with sun and wind. They come in many different sizes from large flakes to thin paper-like flakes. This is one type of salt you can consider if you are looking for a seasoning type that is delicate and melts easily when you eat them.

Hawaiian Salt

Hawaiian salt is known by different sub varieties such asAlaea/ Alae or Hawaiian Red Salt and Hiwa Kai or the Black Hawaiian Salt. These are used both as a seasoning and preserving agent in food. The Hawaiian red salt is a type where the natural mineral Alae is added. This is ideal for Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua pig and Hawaiian jerky. Hawaiian black sea salt contains activated charcoal. It can be used as a detoxification agent in most dishes.

Finishing Salts

These types of salts come in different textures- either as moist crystals or thin flakes. Both of these textures add a crunchy nature to the food but also melt quickly as you eat, giving a nice flavour. They are also known to encourage the natural flavours in the meal making it delicious with each bite.

Fleur de Sel

This is a type of salt that is harvested in Guerande on the western coast of France. Fleur de Sel is great to be used for salads, cooked fresh vegetables, and grilled meat. They are irregular crystals and like Himalayan Salts, are known to be one of the finer variety of salts.

The right meal can be made perfectly when you use the right kind of seasoning. Try out these new types of salts in your next dish and don’t be afraid to experiment a little with the flavours!

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