Throwing an Epic Naughty-Forty Birthday Party for your Girl Best Friend

You only turn forty once in your life and forty is an age that has a lot of dilemma attached to it. Many women consider turning forty as the end of their youth. However, this is not true. Forty is an age when you are at the peak of your beauty, strength, and confidence. You need to remind whoever turning forty than turning, that age is not a bad thing but one of the best ages to be. If you have a friend who is having a dilemma about turning the big 40, there are several ways you can cheer her up. One of the best ways to get rid of her dilemma is to throw an epic naughty-forty birthday party that will take her mind off of negative things like old age. You need to plan this party in a way, that it reminds the birthday girl and all those present, of what an amazing thing it is to turn forty.

First of all, it is essential that you pick the perfect location. I suggest if the budget allows to hire a private hotel room for this party. Having it a home may take away from the illusion and atmosphere you are trying to create. Therefore, it is important that you pick an absolutely beautiful location with a feeling of lots of cheerfulness and a sense of being alive, which will greatly increase the mood of the party to a more cheerful one.

Organizing a male stripper can be one of the brilliant ideas that could really uplift the spirit of the party. Hire a really good-looking stripper to give an erotic performance at the party reminding the birthday girl and everybody present that forty is not an age to be old, but an age of desire, beauty and embracing your sexuality. Add a little twist to the plot and make it a surprise. Do not tell your birthday girl about this. You will get to see the absolute look of wonder and thrill in her face when she sees what you have planned for her.

Another way to keep the birthday girl on her toes is to do so many fun drinking games. Incorporate concepts like truth or dare that will make everyone spill out their most embarrassing stories, fun memories, and deepest darkest secrets. Girls getting together and sharing secrets and laughing while drinking creates a real fun atmosphere.

Why not make end the night with a wow factor? How can a night go wrong with a display of fireworks? This can be a total surprise too. You might need to hire some professional support for this. However, imagine how perfect it would be for your friend, when she is surrounded by you all outside with glasses of wine in your hand, enjoying a great display of fireworks. This will be one of the best ways to send your friend off into the new decade of her life.

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