Important Hardware for Door Installation

A door to a home or a room is something important to any sort of home or building. However, many of us take this for granted and do not understand the intricacies of installing a door. From getting the dimensions right to getting the lock fixed properly, so it will secure whatever it is supposed to secure, the hardware used to install a door is quite intricate and requires a professional to do, especially if you want to make sure that it will function the way ti should function.


This is just one of the door hardware components that are taken for granted. This important for any sort of door, as it gives it stability and form. Good hinges are what make the door open and close effectively, therefore installing them in the right way may be quite simple, but if it is installed in the wrong way, the door may not function the way it should function. Hinges come in many sizes and depend on the dimensions of the door that you are planning to fit. Regardless, they use nuts and bolts to keep in place.

Door Lever/Doorknobs

Hinges may allow the door to open and close freely but there should be something that would keep it closed. Hence the importance of the door lever or the doorknob. This is what gives us humans the ability to open and close, as the doorknob is what maintains the function of the door. Door levers and door knobs come in many shapes and sizes, of which many of them offer varying degrees of security as well. Some of them incorporate electronic elements and some of them are traditional locks that use the key.

Door Closer

The door closer is used for many reasons, chief of which is the ability to close the door slowly. In other words, it does act as a hinge in some manner but is not necessarily one. The hinge allows the movement of the door, however, the door closer allows for the door to be closed without any sort of momentum generated. This makes the door long lasting and also does not make a huge sound when it is being closed. Once again, this piece of hardware is also taken for granted in many instances due to its small nature and ease of instalment.

Door Latch

This is what comes as part of the doorknob or door lever. The door latch enables the door to stay firmly shut, and also allows for the door to be locked by key or through electronic means. It is a very small piece of hardware that is installed inside the door locking mechanism. However, you can see it partially when looking at the lock at a lateral angle. Many of the doors come with two latches; one for the lever and one for the key locking mechanism.

In short, there are several pieces of hardware when it comes to door installation, however, these are the main components of any door.

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