What Are the Different Types of Ad Agencies and Which One You Need?

Business owners know the importance of hiring an ad agency to promote their business. But choosing one is not as easy as one might think. For one, there are various types of ad agencies offering specialized services. So, knowing what these are would make it easier for the business owner to decide which one their company needs.

Advertising Agency

The most popular and most common type of advertising agencies are called as such since their main purpose is to advertise and to market. People working in an advertising agency are the ones responsible for medial planning and creating campaigns that would communicate the company’s message to the target market, and that is to buy their products or to avail of their services. If you want to leave all the advertising and marketing to experienced professionals, hire an advertising agency.

Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies on the other hand are more involved in product development (especially new products to launch), market research (the type of products or services that your target audience prefers, for example your company is selling sports bra.

A marketing agency would do their research on the features of a sports bra that women with an active lifestyle would want to buy), building customer experience (for example your business is a nail salon, a marketing agency would build your customer’s experience by let’s say coming up with events that would make your customers more familiar with the services your salon offers, perhaps a leaflet or brochure with free press on nails).

Creative Agencies

From how they are called, this type of ad agency is on the more creative side of the business. They are in charge of the witty, memorable and impactful commercials, print ads or social media events that you remember. If you are just starting in your business, a creative agency is the best fit for you since they would help your business becomes a brand.

This might also involve designing your logo, choosing your brand colour, setting up your website and social media accounts. A creative agency is a mixture of digital marketing, branding, design, etc. If you are planning on hiring a creative agency Melbourne has many to offer.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies on the other hand are mostly focused on digital advertising. They employ graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, social media assistants and other professionals that are experienced in determining which digital media posts gain the greatest number of engagements from possible clients or customers. If you would be mainly focusing on promoting your business on social media platforms or your target market is the younger generation, hire a digital agency. They would be your ally especially if you are more knowledgeable about traditional advertising.

If it is possible and you have the means, you could hire more than one kind of agency or you could hire a different one at the beginning and then change to another once your business is more established. There is no fixed formula for what works. You just have to consider your options carefully and think about where you want your business to go.

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