This is why you should consider installing aluminium doors to your new house

Aluminium is the most common type of material which is used for doorframes in modern houses. It is a material that lasts for a long period and requires less maintenance. Moreover, it is affordable, flexible colours and comes in different and designs to choose from. 

However, when you are choosing an aluminium door you must consider its quality, strengths and the level of security it could provide to your house. If you choose a reliable company with good technicians you would not need to worry about it. Especially, choosing an Australian brand will ensure the quality of the outcome. 

Here are some advantages you could gain from installing aluminium doors in your house.


Aluminium is a long-lasting material because it is highly resistant to external factors and does not rust. You could live in a coastal area or a rainy area, but using an aluminium door would not make any difference in its appearance due to the weather. If you live in a highly windy area, aluminium is highly recommended than timber due to its strength and safety. 

Affordable for anyone

Aluminium is cheaper than wooden doors and windows. Maybe, at the time of purchase, you might find it expensive but in the long run, you will save more money due to its durability and less maintenance. If you use timber, you might have maintain it carefully or else it could decay. In such cases rather than maintaining you might have to replace to door. But aluminium doors do not get discolored or rust. Therefore, maintenance is needed only once or twice a year and it is easy, less time consuming and cheap. 


When designing a house, we all have a picture in our head. With aluminium, you can recreate the exact item you want and this customization is difficult to be done with any other material. Aluminium comes in more than 200 colour options to choose and is easily powder coated to get a different look. For example, if you are a fan of timber furniture, you could get that particular effect using aluminium. Moreover, sometimes if you are living in an area which has a rainy climate, it is difficult to install a wooden door outside your house because it could decay if water gets inside the wood. But with aluminium, you don’t have to worry about that. Moreover, since it is easy to handle, you can use aluminium for large doors or windows at your house, office or even building like hotels. If you are worried about the inner look of the doors/windows, you can choose a different colour for the exterior of the frame and a different colour for the interior of the frame. 

Bushfire resistant

Aluminium doors are considered to be unaffected in case of a fire. You can talk to your supplier and check the bushfire attack level of the material. 

However, keep in mind that the installation of the aluminium doors or windows must always be done by a professional. 

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