Basic Questions About Car Paint Protection Film

You just bought your first car and the car dealer insisted that you do the right thing and protect your car’s paint and detailing by having a professional auto detailer apply a paint protection film on it. But you are not aware and knowledgeable of this film that you try and postponed doing it since you are thinking it’s just an unnecessary expense.

The truth is, you would benefit a lot from a paint protection film and though it is recommended that you want to research more about this before agreeing to it, this is one of the services that you ought to avail as soon as you drive away your car from the dealership.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Car paint protection film is made out of thermoplastic urethane film that is applied on painted surfaces of a new car to protect the topcoat. Since it comes in clear and various colours, it is also applied to used cars to change its appearance or to make it look brand new. The materials that made paint protection film is also combined with elastomeric polymer substance which helps it repair itself from light scratches. It’s a product that keeps on giving.

What Are the Benefits of Using Paint Protection Film?

The number one purpose of PPF film is to protect your car’s paint job. There are numerous external factors that would make your car look decrepit even if you only had it for a couple of months and no matter how vigilant you are in taking care of it.

Cars are one of those products that depreciate in value the moment you start using it. And if you have plans of reselling your car in the future you have to be wary of corrosion, excessive exposure to the sun or any ultraviolet light, bird droppings, scratches from fender benders, etc. You would not need to worry about all these because the urethane film is invulnerable and would do a good job of protecting your car’s paint job.

How Long Would A Paint Protection Film Last?

Since paint protection films repair itself when it comes to light scratches, it is one of the reasons why car owners prefer this than any other type of paint protector and because of its durability, which typically lasts from between 5 to 10 years.

Paint protection films are professionally installed and the detailers also provide certification and or warranties so you could be rest assured that even if you pay serious money for the detailing, you are getting your money’s worth. But you also have to do your part as the car’s owner. No matter how robust the paint protection film is and no matter how the detailers made a splendid job of applying it on your car, if you don’t take care of it, its longevity would still decrease.

Remember that even though paint protection film is heat resistant, you should still not leave your car exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. Keep it safe from damaging materials and you would be able to enjoy the benefits of the paint protection film for a long time.

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